[Interesting] 10 Things You Should Do Everyday


Wanna feel happier? Every night, not just on weekend Little green balls
Any questions?!
How to live healthier lifestyle?
How to feel better?
How to be happier?
Well, here’s the surprise
Every day you are having a chance to be better then you were a day before,
and if you want improve your life, here are 10 simple things that you can do every day starting today

10- Sleep more

If you wake up feeling like you just ran a marathon, and this feeling doesn’t disappear away after 10-20 minutes.. If you came at work and have trouble keeping your eyes open even after third cup of coffee My Friend you need a rest You just can’t cheat yourself on sleep thinking it won’t affect your life Most adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep to function at their best Every night. Not just on weekend It helps your body to recover after a day and repair itself It helps to focus and be more productive And it helps to be less sensitive to negative emotions Lack of sleep makes you feel tired so fast and being always tired actually makes it harder to be happy Sleep helps you feel your best

Wanna feel happier?
Get enough sleep!

9- start your morning with protein breakfast

The second thing you should do every day is start your morning with protein breakfast You might not be a someone who loves to cook but breakfast doesn’t have to be fancy and complicated, it just should exist Eggs, fruits, oats – you can just develop a routine that is gonna be healthy, easy and delicious for you You skip your morning food, you skip your meals throughout the day and it makes you think about food constantly So your grab random snacks and junk food trying to run away from these hunger thoughts Without considering what your body really needs or wants
Come on You are busy! Can it later, right? Not right..
Wanna stop eating at night?
Eat enough during the day starting with your morning breakfast

8- Take a cold shower.

A lot of studies showed that taking cold showers every day can help to treat depression symptoms It also can provide positive changes to your body’s immune system and it boosts your metabolism that can increase your weight loss It’s just like a cup of natural coffee that you can get any time of a day Sounds good, right?

7- Exercises

If you think exercise is a something you don’t have time for – I highly recommend you to think of this again And it doesn’t matter how much you hate exercise. There is a lot of benefits for it So you should be doing it daily in any possible form push-ups, crunches, squats, burpees All of it will help you to burn calories and lose weight and definitely will help you to feel better But please don’t hurt yourself, even twenty minutes a day is already fine For some of you it might seem meaningless However, even a short workout on daily basis will infuse you with energy, will increase your brainpower, will improve your body shape

You will look better and you will feel happier

6- Go out for walk

Being outside doesn’t cost a thing but what it does?
– Lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol
– Decreases body fat
– Increases your creativity
– Boosts your mood
– All you need to do is just walk and get some sunshine and fresh air every single day And you can do together with

5-  Spend time with your friends and family

Having good relationships with family and friends will help you to relax your mind, improve your mood, live longer and happier They always support you during tough times It’s so easy to catch up with friends, family or colleague at work, and just take a walk

4- Be kind and express gratitude

And it’s completely obvious! It can make you happier and improve your relationships with people It can make you a better person It can make life better for you and everyone around you

3- Drink water!

Coffee? Tea? Juice? Energy drink? Beer? No!
Up to 60% of our bodies is water, and if you don’t stay hydrated during the day Your energy level goes down and your brain start to suffer So how to solve this issue? Just start drinking adequate amounts of water, especially before your meals If you’re a fan of soda or Coke I highly recommend you to replace it with water, and if you have acne or overweight you – you will notice a real improvement in case if you are the one of people who literally don’t like drinking water Just because of its taste Little green balls Will definitely help you Just add lemon or lime to your water and it tastes so different and so good you will love it

2- Reading

Reading can entertain and relax you, keep your brain sharp, even help you sleep better It gives you a chance to visit different places, meet interesting people without leaving your home Learn something new, build background knowledge, improve your vocabulary And if you are too busy, You can listen to audio books while you do other things And the last thing on my list today Smile. All people are naturally attracted to people who smile Meanwhile, negative facial emotions are instantly pushing people away
You wanna be optimistic and positive?
Make new friends?
Feel confident?
You know what to do!
Many studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin And these natural chemicals elevate your mood, so smiling indeed makes us feel good So next time you are feeling down – laugh and smile, and think of it as your daily vitamin

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